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    Miriam Sommer 2012


    All products start with a dream. This is also the case with the SproutPearl sprouter. I started FRESH SPROUTS in 2010 because I needed to train my skills in digital communication, SEO and branding. My choice fell on sprouts for several reasons. Partly I was rawfood vegan in 2010 and partly I had already grown sprouts since I was a child. There were only 5 varieties of sprout seeds on the Danish market at that time and no one wanted to sell them due to lack of marked interest. So I had a secret dream of one day to help open up the Danish market for the same delicious selection of organic sprouts as there was in the US, UK and Germany.
    Miriam Sommer 2013


    To begin with, the dream of FRESH Sprouts was like a seed that has just begun to sprout. I set out to build a small blog filled with all my knowledge of growing sprouts myself. There were no such blogs in Scandinavia, so I talked to researchers in plant biology and human nutrition to expand my knowledge in the field. I had just graduated cand. mag. in Danish specializing in business communication in the summer of 2008. This made my research easier. To cover the cost of the project, I chose to gather much of my knowledge in my first book on sprouts. At that time, I worked part-time at a professional publishing house and was therefore able to publish the book myself despite the fact that self-publishing was quite unknown at the time.
    Miriam Sommer 2014


    Soon I could feel the interest in growing sprouts increased in Denmark. My dream was going to grow fast, it dawned on me. Therefore, I started my webshop with a small selection of organic sprouting seeds, my book and other sprout products in 2014. I had long dreamed of putting my own sprouter into production, but I lacked the capital to realize my vision. Luckily, I have always been sparse and worked as a freelance copywriter alongside FRESH SPROUTS. Month by month, I could therefore put a little aside till the day when I would be able to realize my dream of my own sprouter.
    Miriam Sommer FRISKE SPIRER 2020


    In 2015, my webshop was in place. I now blogged daily, took pictures, send newsletters and made videos. Still at beginner level, but it yielded revenue. I could therefore start searching for a plastics company that was willing to realize my sketches for the sprouter. It was a search that took a year and a half and countless meetings with angel investors and plastic manufacturers all over Denmark. In the autumn of 2016, I finally found a Danish toolmaker who was willing to draw my sketches and who had the experience to create the casting tool in steel for me. I had now saved up for 6 years and could therefore make the payment in cash. Thankfully, it felt just right.
    Miriam Sommer FRISKE SPIRER 2018


    You can probably sense that I have long since lost my heart to the small, nourishing plants. So the journey has only just begun for FRESH SPROUTS. My goal is for a sprouter – regardless of manufacturer – to be as familiar in the private kitchen as a coffee maker is today. The important thing is that everyone should have easy access to fresh and pure organic greens all year round with a sprout tray in the kitchen. My task is just to make it easy. Therefore, I can promise you that the future offers even more videos and green products that support the cultivation of your own health.


    A seed cannot grow into a healthy plant without the support of the surrounding environment. This is also the case with FRESH SPROUTS.

    For one thing is, that I have worked as a freelancer – sometimes full time – throughout this journey. It has made it possible for me to hold on to my dream of FRESH SPROUTS and the Sprout Pearl. Another is that I have been helped by several lovely people on this journey.

    For example, I could not afford my own warehouse until 2021. Before then, a health food store and an environmentally conscious accountant with a green heart for entrepreneurship gave me storage space. It has been a great help and given me peace of mind.

    Add to that the sweet libraries that bought my first book for their shelves. The independent health foods that have been ordering from me since 2014 and all the sweet customers who have shopped in FRESH SPROUTS webshop.

    For this I send you all a warm thank you for making my dream of FRESH SPROUTS possible.